Effective 10-1-2022
Fees & Charges
Minimum Account Balance required within 3 months of opening25.00
Membership Fee$0.00
Inactive account fee (per year)$5.00
Quarterly Maintenance Fee (If $100.00 average daily balance is not maintained) $5.00
Closing account within 90 days of opening$25.00
Reopen account within 12 months of closing$15.00
Excessive share (savings) withdrawals (If over 3 In Dividend Period)$2.00
Share Draft (Checking) AccountsAmount
Minimum Balance to open$25.00
Monthly Maintenance Fee ($500.00 average daily balance required to earn dividends)$0.00
Copy of Check (each)$2.00
Temporary Checks (8 checks total)$3.00
Temporary Checks (New Accounts)$0.00
Check cashing service ( Non member checks on-us)$3.00
Negative Account Balance (After negative 7 days)$25.00
Visa Check CardAmount
ATM Withdrawal Fee (from foreign ATM)$1.00
Replace Debit Card$5.00
Reinstate Debit Card$5.00
Hot Card (Lost or Stolen)$5.00
Re-issue PIN for Visa$3.00
Processing ChargesAmount
NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) (each)$25.00
Stop Payments (each)$29.50
ACH Returned Item (each)$25.00
Checks deposited that are returned non-payment$29.50
Force payments$25.00
Overdraft Transfer from regular shares (each)$5.00
ATM Fee (non-member)$3.00
Account Research (per hour - 1 hour minimum)$25.00
Return Mail$2.00
Copy/Printout of Statement (per page)$1.00
Statement Balancing ( per hour - 1 hour minimum)$25.00
Fax Copies (per page)$1.00
Notary Service (members only)$0.00
Wire Fee (outgoing)$25.00
Wire Fee (incoming)$0.00